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Difficulties of treating children with TB - MSF Weekly Podcast

In Mathare, a poor area on the outskirts of Nairobi, MSF treats children with TB, but just diagnosing them is extremely challenging. Results of the lack of research into TB means the main diagnostic tool for the adult form of the disease is 130 years old and not at all adapted for use with children.

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Emil Schildt


Emil Schildt

Where to buy a weed vaporizer ?

A weed vaporizer is often quite hard to find on local shop. The best way to buy your vaporizer seems to be online, where a lot of vaporizer shop are making efforts to get theur customers happy. Last time I bought a silver surfer @ Docvape I was very glad. But they are a lot more out there, like GotVape.com or Vapornation.
I would also use a vaporizer review to help me out finding my vaporizer.

Whatever you do, don’t buy a cheap chinese vaporizer, they sucks ! Zephyr vaporizer is a great option.

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Youtube vaporizer

What is the best vaporizer ?

What is the best vaporizer ?

Today there are more vaporizers for selling on the growshops vaporizer shop and in any auction shops like ebay. But for the neophyte, it’s hard to find cracking advice to buy a vaporizer. On websites much like as fuckcombustion.com, you will hear testimonials and vaporizer reviews from fill who bang the vaporizer tried and may advice vaporizers such as Iolite, or the Vaporgenie vaporizer.

Feel free to contact those who acquire an thought on the vaporizer that interests you.

How do I select my vaporizer?
To find your vaporizer, you should see that there are individual types. Here is what characterizes the best vaporizers:
Vaporisation: hot air or direct heat contact?
The vaporizers that passion your baccy by direct heat are oftentimes cheaper, but unfortunately inferior roaring. For ideal, vaporizers (vaporizer globe etc..) change the herbal mix directly, and products of oxidization can be blown which is similar respiration a butt.

Direct inhalation or inflate balloon?
It’s rattling a questioning of taste, but any vaporizers offer both ! The vaporizers that allow you to pick a balloon may be easier to use because erstwhile filled, you can still freely move and enjoy your vaporizer. But I should declare now promote “whip” vaporizer like the Silver Surfer vaporizer, because I can sit and relax withouth filling the vaporizer. And anyway I stay sitting when I enjoy my vaporizer so I don’t need a balloon.

Analogic or digital?
The analog vaporizers do not communicate temperature through a block, and there is a button to vary the temperature.

For digital vaporizers similar the Volcano Digit or Arizer Extreme Q provides the temperature of your vaporizer in live, you can decide the vapour temperature that suits your needs or you aromatic herbal mix.

The analogic vaporizer like the Volcano Classic or Silver Surfer don’t show a impede with the temperature, but there is usually a secure to modify your vaporizer temperature. They may be tuffer, because simpler.

You will find a selection of vaporizer on Docvape.com

There are many different criteria to be understood into mind when choosing your vaporizer, but so it as you experience. Onlive vaporizer outlet Docvape.com let you 30 days to try your vaporizer! It is advisable to directly ask the message in a forum suchlike fuckcombustion.com. Fuckcombustion.com is a major marketplace for all vaporizer lovers! You can attain numerous tests and reviews on the vaporizer on our website (see ressource box).

Ps, for me the best vaporizer is the Zephyr ion vaporizer

More information : Volcano vaporizer Arizer extreme q Storz&Bickel

Weed vaporizer buying guide

Weed vaporizer buying guide

The act of  vaporisation, through a Vaporizer for recreative purposes, avoids the unhealthy toxins that alter the respiratory group  and can  conduce to cause  endless  term  medical conditions. A vaporizer accomplishes this by  vaporisation a herbal material to a circumstantial temperature to transport active agents and ingredients  from your marijuana, without warming it to a ignitable temperature.

Things to analyze when buying your  weed vaporizer, in what most study to be status of standing:


Value : How much  does is valued your option? You can get a really healthful vaporizer for as less as $169, or you can expend upwards of 0 if toll is of no enterprise. But recall, the fact that expensive does not mean   in the vaporizer man. Bringing group. 

Use : In what cultural  settings give you aerify the most? 

If you’re a big social   person, then analyse a bag  transfer system (Arizer vaporizer,  Storz & Bickel Volcano, Herbalaire, Vapormatic, etc.). All of these units also  feature an alternative to use the whip ,  omit the Volcano vaporizer. 

Efficiency. Do you have  loads of tobacco or  weed and just want the biggest inhales attainable, or are you  much  involved about making your tobacco/herbs last forever, or are you somewhere in between? 

Temperature  mechanism.

 Do you requisite a digital  controller with the temp readout, an analog  controller with only a selector, or no command using a vaporizer that is planned at the factory temperature ? Any vaporizer unit  module produce vapour regardless of the temperature  controller  characteristic, but more  command can be advantage if you will be vaporizing  diverse types of herbal mededcine or herbs.

Producer.  Get careful to buy something from a honorable shaper Don’t buy something cheesy that you don’t see where it came from. Chances are it may become from Asia, where it has been confirmed that some models are prefab with lead paint in the evaporating path. 

Learning curve. Do you want something leisurely to use ?. Usually means fewer temperature and delivery options, but not e’er.

Are you comfortable with a steeper learning  curve? 

I hope  this article help you to get the suitable information  to choose your vaporizer that suits your needs

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Which weed vaporizer for me ?

I don’t know the Silver Surfer, but i guess the volcano vaporizer is a good choice !